an open universe game

Blockiverse is a sandbox game, in which you will be in a Universe, in which you can travel to everywhere. To get from one place to another, you will be able to create different vehicles or you can ride on an animal or walk. Sure you will need a rocket to travel between planets, moons or star systems. You will find different types of animals or plants or materials on different kinds of planet or moon. At this point you can work as future user too, when you make suggestions about animals (humanoids too) or plants.

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Different stars and planets

The stars were programmed after the hertzsprung-russell diagram from the reality. The planets are from the fantasy, because the types of planets are not explored enough.

Lots of vehicles

At the moment bulldozer, airplanes and cars are implemented. An idea for the future is trains.

Animals and vegetation

In this early version of the game I have already implemented rabbits, spiders with spider webs and dust bunnies. Trees, bush, grass and wheat are implemented too.

Easy crafting

You do not have to remember complex crafting recipes. It is enough, when you have the resources in the inventory.

Seasons and Weather

An early version of seasons and weather are implemented. There are rain and snow in the winter.

Development process

If you have an idea or a wish for Blockiverse, you can contact me with the contact form or you can write an e-mail to
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